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A 'first’ in the music world

Elody – the 'electrifyingly' cool recorder

made by Mollenhauer

Up to date & trendy: a recorder for any kind of musical style and ready for connection to effects units and amps
New: now also for the digital equipment

Here we provide exclusive information for musicians and music specialist dealers in text, illustration, sound and video on the different possibilities of playing the Elody, the story of its development, the various models, manufacture and sales.


The Instrument

The Elody has what it takes to do away with the dusty old image of the recorder:
it looks spectacular and is ergonomically designed.

Its inherent qualities are two-fold: played acoustically the Elody has an impressively powerful sound and a range of almost three octaves. In addition, there is the integrated pickup system that turns the Elody into an electric recorder within seconds. By way of a special cable it can be connected very easily to any analogue and digital effects unit or amplifier – and now nothing stands in the way of playing in any band.



CD debut of the Elody

Find sound samples played on Elody and other Mollenhauer Recorders on the CD 'Kaleidoscope' by Vintgar.





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